Episode 5: One Thing About Our Wedding

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Social distancing is my least favorite term of all time. I hate it. Ya, I acknowledge that it keeps us safe, but it blows. And it accounts for the break in our podcasting the last couple of weeks. Oh, and the break in weddings; I guess that’s a little more important, ha. To all those brides out there that have been affected, you have no idea how much we feel for you. You probably hate the term social distancing more than we do. But we could not be more incredibly grateful to all of you and how well you have handled it! We have had a couple weddings still push forward with an extremely small 10 people weddings, with most rescheduling, and we can not thank you enough! We look forward to your epically amazing weddings that you deserve!

But we are back with the podcast! Social distancing proved a little tricky for recording, but we found a way! We dive in to one thing we would change about our wedding and one thing we LOVED about our wedding! And a storm commenced the second Glenna and her husband were pronounced man and wife! Is that a sign of something?! And someone broke their arm at Taylor’s wedding because of the one thing HE LOVED about his wedding. 

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