Playing music is the easy part, interacting with you and your guests is what we pride ourselves on. Keeping the flow of the night and controlling the vibe of the room is one of our greatest strengths. The right DJ will absolutely make or break a wedding, and it’s up to us to become the right DJ for YOU! 

let the party begin

you be you

Your guests have been sitting through the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, can't just pop up a party song and expect them to dance (though with enough alcohol maybe you can). From the second we jump on the mic, our job is to make sure your guests know to expect a party! Whether it's through games or other events, we want to make sure you guests are up and out of their seats!

meet the team

DJ vs MC

When it comes to weddings, the MC is the most important skill a DJ can have!

  • Knows how to get people on the dance floor
  • Reads the room to see what gets people dancing
  • Playlist master
  • Knows the difference between "taking a request" and "playing a request"
  • Can "control the room"
  • Able to make announcements clearly so people listen and understand
  • Sets the tone and brings energy so guests will follow suit
  • Creates an interactive atmosphere
  • Laces in a few corny jokes

The DJ

The MC

Our DJ's come prepared TO DO BOTH!

From the second we first pick up the mic at your reception, we set the expectation with your guests that it's time to party! Our DJs come out to you and your wedding party before the grand entrance to go over some helpful tips but most of all to help you get HYPED! We involve the wedding party as much as possible to help set the bar for energy to get your party kicked off on a high note!

1. The Grand Entrance

Definitely our all time favorite. Not as common as many other events you'll see at a wedding, but a fun and simple game that guests always enjoy. The bride and groom sit back to back. The bride has one of her shoes and one of his, and vice versa for the groom. We have a series of questions we ask to which the bride and groom can only answer by raising a shoe. Examples include, "who is the better driver?" and "who has the crazier family?"

2. The Shoe Game

If you're looking for an event that will completely change the vibe of a reception and get your guests involved, then this event is for you. We start with about 10-15 competitive guests, and their chairs. Every round, we give them items to go find and we take away 1 chair so the last person back is out (like musical chairs, but less lame) and we keep going until there's only one person remaining. What really makes this game entertaining is that the items everyone has to find, are items from the other guests in the room. Things like, a man's belt, a detached shoelace, or, one of our favorites... someone sexier than you.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Some brides and grooms express a little hesitancy towards this event. I mean, you're basically asking guests to pay money to dance with you. But we prefer to make it a little more interesting than that. First off, we turn it into a competition. Bride against groom, who can collect more money? No one can turn down a competition. The other benefit? Aside from the money (of course) is that this is quite possibly the only time during your wedding that you could ever have one-on-one time with any of your guests. And it's the perfect segue in to open dancing because we highly suggest fun songs to sing along to as opposed to slow songs.

4. Money Dance

If the bouquet and garter toss are for the single guests, then the anniversary dance is for the married couples. We start by gathering all the married couples to the dance floor for a slow dance. Then as the song plays, remove couples from the dance floor based on how long they've been married. The longer a couple has been married, the longer they stay on the dance floor. Sometimes the bride and groom will gift a bouquet of flowers or something similar to the couple.

5. Anniversary Dance


reception entertainment

LED Dance Floor

So great it needs its own section on the website. Our LED dance floor features a checkerboard pattern of different light up squares. When powered down, it looks like a regular black & white checkerboard. But when the party starts, the floor lights up and changes patterns and effects. 
  • Up to 17ft by 17ft
  • Customizable colors and effects
  • Can set colors/effects based on events
  • Features both light up squares and infinity mirror style squares



Far and away the most popular upgrade we offer!
  • two cold spark machines
  • 10-15ft high
  • set up for grand entrance, first dance, or exit

Cold Spark Machines

Our upgraded dance lights bring an entirely new atmosphere to the party! The package includes:
  • two moving head lights
  • two RGB laser lights
  • two light of totems/truss'
  • haze machine to maximize the lighting effects

Upgraded Dance Lights


Very different than a fog machine which creates a room filling haze, dry ice stays completely low to the ground creating a one of a kind effect. Our dry ice machine gives the ultimate first dance effect to make it look like you are dancing on the clouds! 

Dry Ice Machine


We create a 2-3 letter custom monogram disc to put in our ulta bright light to cast either on your dance floor or wall or your reception. The price includes the light rental and the custom design of your monogram!

Monogram Light


Special effects

we offer several different add ons to create an experience your guests will never forget!



6 hours of coverage

Ceremony & Reception set up

Wireless handheld & lapel microphones

Dance lighting package

Uplighting package

Core Memory  DJ Package

The perfect size package with everything you need from a DJ for your Ceremony and Reception!



7 hours of coverage

Ceremony & Reception set up

Wireless handheld & lapel microphones

Upgraded Dance lighting package

Uplighting package

Magic Mirror DJ Booth with TV

Collective Memory DJ Package

Never met a party that was too big. Make your wedding an event your guests will never forget!

BONUS: pick one Special Effect:
(Cold Sparks, Dry Ice Machine, or Monogram Light)



4 hours of coverage

Reception Only Set Up

Wireless Handheld Microphone

No lighting included

Sweet Memory DJ Package

Perfect for receptions and more intimate style wedding when ceremony coverage isn't needed. 


How do I let you know what music I want played?

We have online planning forms and tools that direct you through the entire planning process including help on picking out songs. And if you ever need help or suggestions on picking out music, just ask! We also have premium Spotify and Tidal accounts where playlists can be shared with us as well.

Does the DJ make announcements as well?

Absolutely! This is hands down, the number one part of our job! And it's not just about what we say, but also the ability to clearly communicate in a way that gets people to understand and listen! 

How do you get people on the dance floor?

Through some begging and pleading, but mostly through crowd interaction! Most dance floors do best by breaking the ice and "pre" greasing the wheel. The more we can interact with your guests, get up out of their seats, and overall just having a good time, the more ready they will be to hit the dance floor!

How do I know who my DJ will be?

We like to play match maker. When you first inquire, our mission is to get to know you, your personality, and the over all vibe of your wedding. And especially as the planning process continues with us and your wedding, we have gotten really good at pairing DJs with the right crowds! But overall, 90% of your experience with one DJ to another is going to be the same, because we've trained each and every DJ in house!

Where can find out more information about your DJ SERVICE?


"They helped make our day fun and exciting, and they truly captured every moment we could have hoped for and more! Before we were engaged, we were in the bridal party of our friends’ wedding who also booked them. We were so impressed that when we got engaged, we knew we had to use Save This Memory for our wedding as well. Most importantly, the quality of our photos, videos, drone footage, and seamless DJ service was top notch."

- Dayna & Braeden

"This team was AMAZING!"

"The pictures and the video work that this team does is JAW-DROPPING. They really want the day to be all about what you want. They are so helpful, they work with you on the details of your timeline to plan out the whole day. They took all the hard work off our plate. They are the best at entertaining your guests, playing such awesome games, really nailing it with the music choices and danceable songs. We would highly recommend them!"

- Nikki & Wyatt

"The kindest hard working people"

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this team! We just got married and it was beyond perfect. They make the process so easy and comfortable, Our photographer was also amazing and had such a fun bubbly attitude the whole night which definitely calmed my nerves! We also got numerous compliments on our DJ!

- Michelle & Frank

"They made the entire day go so smoothly"

"There is no chance that I can say enough nice things about this group to truly capture how excellent they did and made us feel on our big day. Their communication leading up to the big day was phenomenal, answering any and all questions we had to make sure we were as prepared as possible. Our photographer had us cracking up and made us feel so comfortable through all the craziness of the big day. Couldn’t have asked for a better group to make our day as special as it was!

- Jessica & Phillip

"They had us feeling calm and happy"

"Every team member we worked with was friendly, inviting and made us feel so comfortable from the first moment we spoke with them on the phone. I honestly cannot put into words how much we loved working with this group of amazing people. We felt comfortable, we trusted them with locations for photos, suggestions for events to our reception, and they DID NOT disappoint."

- Ashton & Luke

"Hands down we recommend this team"