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So, what are the benefits of an “all in one” wedding service? Because everyone that we have come across in the wedding industry is taken back by our approach of our company. There aren’t many companies, if any, that combine photography, videography, DJ and photo booths in to one package. At most you might see photo and video services from one company, or a DJ and photobooth package…but all 4? I spoke with (which in this day-in-age means I text them) a couple of different people to get their view point. Here are some of the questions I asked:

  1. Is there actually a benefit to working with a photographer, videographer, and DJ all under one roof? If so, what are the biggest benefits?
  2. What is a specific experience you had with our team that was a benefit to you?
  3. How would you describe the benefits of our company to another couple who is planning their wedding?

Over the course of this fantastic ego stroke, I heard from a few different view points. One was a FANTASTIC wedding coordinator named Elizabeth who works at Superstition Manor in East Mesa. Check out her rad Facebook page. We also spoke with a few of our previous couples and lastly, one of our DJ’s, JC, who started DJing weddings on his own and then saw the light and joined out team. Here’s a little bit of what they had to say.

From the view of a wedding coordinator, Elizabeth, she spoke about the ease of communication for her. She said, “there is only 1 person/team, not 3-6 different people to reach out to…you don’t have to worry about your DJ, photographer and videographer being out of sync, stepping on each others toes, or even worse, getting in each other’s views.” Ease of communication is something that is just as important to us as the specific services we offer. For example, say a couple wants to do sunset pictures but the sunset is late and takes place during the reception. Then our photographer reviews our team’s singular time line that we all work off of, and creates a schedule that will allow the couple to “escape” for a few minutes and lets our DJ know so that they can keep your guests entertained while the photographer works their magic. On the flip side, I’ve DJ’d a wedding where the photographer let me know 10 minutes before that they were going to be taking the bride and groom out for sunset photos. First I had ever heard of it. And what was supposed to be happening in 10 minutes? The first dance. The photographer had them outside for over 30 minutes! And the couple told me that they didn’t want me to do anything without them so the guests and I literally had to sit and wait for the couple to get back. It killed all flow and the reception never recovered.

For the second question, JC notes a specific experience he had once he started working with out team: walkie talkies. We are the kings of passing off toys as “equipment.” JC talks about how when he’s preparing for a reception and say pictures are running ahead of schedule, the photographer can let him know right away so that he can make sure he’s ready sooner. Communication day of is so critical for us to make sure things run smooth at our weddings. Elizabeth talked about how it gave her more time to take care of the venue itself while we were there! She said she has more time to attend to guests needs, the bar, dinner, bathrooms, etc. She was able to focus on the actual scope of her job instead of feeling like she had to watch the vendors. One of our brides, Kelly, said, “They laughed with us and our family. We have gotten so many compliments on how awesome our crew was and how our photos turned out. Sharley (photographer) scouted the best spots for pics (brides just listen to her please she knows her stuff).” This couple was getting married at a place we hadn’t been before. So Sharley, the lead photographer of this project, went out and scouted the location ahead of time to make sure she was familiar so when it came time to taking pictures, we weren’t wasting time and were able to get the most out of the time we had.

And the final question, Elizabeth says she tells her brides, “Save This Memory is going to make your day smoother, seamless and exactly as YOU requested.” JC talks about experiences from before he joined our team, and when he’s had to DJ with vendors from other companies and says, “you can almost always guarantee the lack of communication between the vendors which is going to cause some inconsistencies in the wedding flow.” We have been DJing or videoing a wedding with other vendors (don’t worry, we place nice with everyone) and have had a photographer literally laugh at us when a videographer asked if they could sneak in a shot before the photographer reposed the bridal party. We’ve been on the photo and video side and had a DJ announce and start the first dance when we were in the other room for 5 minutes trying to eat as quick as possible (when I eat at weddings, I’m pretty sure I burn more calories with how quickly I eat than calories I actually consume). The dirty truth is that not all vendors do a great job at communicating. Luckily for us, communication is so ingrained, that even when we work with other vendors we basically force them to become our best friend whether they want to or not, ha. One of our previous brides said, “they are absolutely amazing!!! I felt like they became part of our family. I’m so happy to have found them. You will not be disappointed! They are wonderful people and will do whatever to make your day extra special.”

Overall, for us it all comes down to communication. From the day a couple books with us until the sparkler exit at the end of the night; communication doesn’t just make your wedding day run smooth, but it makes our job easier as well which allows us to focus on the specific job we each have to do on your wedding day.

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