We are live!

April 13, 2018

Well, we are going to give this blog thing a go. Long story short…we’ve been doing weddings for a looonnng time, and we want to pass on that knowledge to help all of our future couples with their planning process. Sure, we’re going to do some wedding recaps from some weddings that we’ve done. But mostly, we want to talk about what makes a wedding successful. As an example, one of my all time favorite tips to give- when should your ceremony start? There can be a lot of different factors that go in to deciding. The main rule of thumb we give though is to start your ceremony 90 minutes before the sunset time. But why? Well, you’re going to have to stay tuned for future posts for us to say why! Here is a short list of some future examples we are going to cover:

  • When should I start my photographer or videographer?
  • What should I wear for an engagement shoot?
  • Should I play games at my wedding?
  • Videography, is it worth it?
  • How do I build a timeline?

Let us know if there is anything you should we should cover!

Taylor Cotter